Commercial Wisdom? Forget it!

I happen to frequent a certain niche perfume shop in Brussels. The ‘nose’ and all the staff provide fantastic service. I asked how they attract customers, to which the response was ‘we have loyal customers and sometimes people suddenly discover by chance that the shop exists’. I asked what marketing they do and why the website is still under construction. I understand that it has been like this for 2 years and the online sales services are ‘momentarily suspended’. Do they have any special events planned to attract their loyal and, importantly, new clientele at least in the weeks running up to Xmas to buy the expensive perfumes they sell? Not one. Have they ever thought of targeting high net value individuals in and around Brussels at any time in the year? Nope, not to mention affluent Antwerp not far away.
So if Mr Donie is reading this, and since he was not professional enough to respond to two emails I sent offering a coffee and some free input, how do you expect your wonderful shop to continue selling perfumes at 160 euros and more without any proactive marketing? (Not to mention the range of Tom Ford and other perfumes which cost considerably more!)?

I truly hope they continue and are successful but it seems to me, in the current economic climate, that everyone should be maximising their opportunities to find new customers and not just waiting for the odd passer-by to pay a visit inside.

What is the experience of other people here?


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  1. laniersmith
    Jan 14, 2014 @ 03:48:00

    We here in San Francisco have niche shops and they have websites that sell on line, And they have regular events inviting press and bloggers as well as the community to come. They also have pages on Facebook and Twitter accounts. I hope this shop you love so much in Brussels gets the idea and joins in this new world of marketing and advertising.


    • iain008
      Jan 14, 2014 @ 09:20:42

      Hi Lanier. It’s a MUST DO really for every commercial entity to use the social media which are readily available today at no cost. And to proactively seek new clients even though we all know that the cost is high compared to retaining clients. This shop in Brussels (just heading there today actually from London where I now live) provides fantastic service and a great range of high-end perfumes but clearly the owner/decision-maker is a dunce when it comes to the other aspects of running a business. What are your own personal Top 5 men’s perfumes by the way?


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