Looking for Borneo? Go to Paris!

November 29th, 2013

Still no statistics from anyone in the perfume industry regarding country or even continent revenue …But I had the chance to see the infamous Mr Donier from afar when I went to my favourite shop for a bottle of Comme des Garcons Black early tonight. He seemed to be curious about this jean-clad individual but said nothing to me.

I enquired about the e-store and sadly it is still ‘temporarily unavailable’. This being Belgium the work may continue on the website front for a few years more. Having bought my 84 euro bottle of delight I also enquired about their range of Serge Lutens and could I have a small sample of his Borneo 1834 please? Sadly samples are now available only from Paris. Oh well, perhaps I should now get on a night train to gai Paris…


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