A Christmas Carol and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come

Once upon a time there was a company which was founded 5 years ago. In this company lived a man and his wife and a lot of creams. They loved their creams with just a few of the ingredients so synonymous with their country’s image.

No-one had heard of their company or their creams but they put all their love and devotion into making it the best blend of additives, colourings and, after just 5 years, they were ready to go to market in the following new year and bring joy to the world.

Earlier in that year a man had suddenly appeared at the door and offered them a perfume, and the couple were delighted to include it as part of their range of natural products.

The couple had forgotten to do any market research at all but a stranger appeared and advised them of the need to do so. The stranger set about finding out what experts thought of the creams and the new perfume, and markets and prices, pro bono for this was the Season of Good Will. The stranger presented his results to the couple who were kind enough to listen but insisted that finding ‘very hungry’ distributors was the best path forward to success because the distributors better know the 4 P’s of Marketing.

And so we move forward in our tale towards Xmas 2013 not knowing what the outcome will be of this classic story. But hoping, sincerely, that Ebenezer Scrooge will reflect on the past, the present and the future, and that the tale will have a happy ending.


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